e4 Power Partnered with TOrbo

wet abrasive blasting systems

E4 Power has partnered with Torbo Wet-Abrasive Systems as an exclusive dealer and service provider in North America. Torbo offers a wide range of systems for vapor abrasive blasting according to your requirements and the tasks at hand. Vapor abrasive blasting Systems are designed to clean delicate and hard surfaces ranging from facades, monuments, ships, wood and plastic.



How does it work?

The wet abrasive sandblasting of torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS GmbH offers unique advantages over the conventional methods. The decisive factor is the interaction of blast media, water and pressure. Because these three factors can be metered separately and independently, the application range is wide splayed - from absolutely gentle to extremely powerful cleaning. Please watch the video below for a visual representation.

What are the benefits?

Stops dust emission: water in the mixture binds the dust!

· Extremely wide application range of sensitive surfaces to most robust blasting tasks

. All types of substrates (steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, concrete, tile, etc.)

· Usually little or no enclosure required

· No heat, substrate stays cool, no deformation

· Additives (inhibitor or preservatives) can be added while blasting or washing

· On steel prevents corrosion for 72 hours

· On aluminum washes out chlorides (salt)



We come to you!

Straits Express water jet intake surface preparation and polyflake coating.

Straits Express water jet intake surface preparation and polyflake coating.

Our highly qualified experts are ready to come to you for your restoration and surface preparation needs. We take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We strive for satisfaction guaranteed!

We highly recommend accompanying our surface preparation services with Polyflake anti-corrosive coatings. To learn more click here.