Coating with POLYFLAKE®

Corrosion, erosion and cavitation are all too often a problem in marine enviroment. Replacing heavily corroded and damaged parts is an expensive and time consuming business. Our coating range offers a solution to almost every corrosion problem. Whether these corroded parts are, metal, concrete or plastic, we have a effective and durable solution.

POLYFLAKE comes with a 5 year limited warranty.


We offer the best solution for your coating requirements with our fully trained crew. Starting out by a site visit, evaluation, as well documentation. This will follow with a proposal for the best approach to achieve the highest quality. Due course we will document each step as well the final result. Thickness testing and Holyday (Spark) Testing are standard procedure. 

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Hulls-Tanks-Pipes-Pumps-Stern Tubes-Sea Chest-Pools-Decks-Equipment-Wet Exhaust-Steel-Aluminum-Stainless Steel-Brass-Concrete