E4 Power

Eco-Friendly + Quality + Reliable

Our Company

E4 POWER is geared to provide the best products available, excellence in service and customer satisfaction. E4 POWER has 30 years of marine and industrial experience.

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Our Services

  • Automation and Monitoring Systems

  • Marine Battery Systems

  • Consulting for Marine Engineering

  • Engine Repower

  • Exhaust Systems design and turn key Projects

  • Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems design and turn key Projects

  • Generator design and turn key Projects

  • Project Coordination and Onsite Management

  • Manufacturer Representative

  • Sandblasting – dry and wet (dustless)

  • Marine Corrosion Engineering

  • Coating

  • Rebuilding of Equipment

  • 3D Design and Drafting


Areas of Expertise


E4 POWER constantly innovates their products. Factors such as health and quality, the environment, convenience  and technology are playing an increasingly important role in the industrial paint market.

Our Company

Our vision is to be the best company by consistently delivering excellent quality, innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

Customer Service

E4 POWER believes excellent customer service means going above and beyond. We have worked with numerous clients, and created numerous repeat customers by answering their questions efficiently, providing quality services and product.


With the high quality of your product and service. I expect to be using your coatings on new part installations
— Allan M. Murphy